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Welcome to Global Perspective Podcast

Welcome everyone to the Global Perspective Podcast.

Today, we live in a world where the voices of moderation, civility, and decency find it challenging to gain a reasonable audience and acceptance. As a result, we see moderate politicians, leaders, and people of good intentions throwing in the towel and quitting prematurely because of frustrations and a sense of being lonely. Hope-based messages based on facts, figures, morals, and good character do not matter, and tolerance-based messages based on building an all-inclusive society are unprofitable. View More »

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Listen and learn from people with insightful perspectives about topical issues. Be part of our Global Perspective Podcast community and join our talks.

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Our Commitment Mission and Vision

Bring people together with a moderate, thoughtful, independent-minded, and open-minded approach to life issues in the celebration of human diversity.

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